What We Do

Suitable is an education technology startup headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team, comprised of recent college graduates, started Suitable to help our peers become better prepared for internships and entry-level jobs. We are solving problems caused by the disconnect between college students and their future careers through our online career development platform.

Current college students and recent college graduates understand best that a diploma does not equal a job. Although college graduates are (hopefully) well-versed in their field of study, without being able to apply this knowledge to a profession, finding a job is a struggle. Our platform allows students to understand what skills are necessary for a future entry-level job while also tracking their progress throughout their college career.

While solving problems for students, we are simultaneously tackling large problems facing universities and employers. Before Suitable there existed no organized process to keep track of and analyze data about students’ behavior outside the classroom. Suitable gives universities a platform to keep track of student engagement data while understanding student outcomes. Universities populate our platform with activities, projects, and tasks for students to complete; our analytics do the rest of the work. In addition, the data gathered from students creates an easier accreditation process for colleges and universities, because they know what students are doing on campus, outside the classroom.

The issue facing employers is a costly one. Each year large employers report spending upwards of $10 million on recruiting efforts and entry-level hiring. That number is astronomical considering that two-thirds of these large employers report being unsatisfied with their entry-level hires. Through Suitable, employers provide students with a curriculum that molds the ideal candidate. The curriculum provides students with the necessary direction to be considered for an internship or job, while allowing employers to create more qualified candidates.

If you’re interested in what we’re doing contact us at team@suitable.co.

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