What Uber Can Teach Us About the Future of Job Placement

Uber has been one of the biggest and fastest growing companies yet. Known for convenient and fast taxiing, Uber has disrupted the transportation industry. While notable for its taxi service, there is a remarkable aspect of the app that is often overlooked.

Uber has a comprehensive rating system in order to assure a quality experience for the passenger and driver. The rating system gives both parties a way to mutually rate their experience. This system gives incentive for both the passenger and driver to be on their best behavior. Drivers and passengers are able to choose who they would prefer to ride with according to the individual’s rating. A bad rating reduces the chance of being picked up by a driver and the chance of a driver being chosen by a passenger. This system of credentialing provides a way to guarantee a smooth transaction between driver and passenger.

Uber’s exponential success is proof that the rating system can be successful when used properly. This system can be just as successful when applied to different fields. One field that comes to mind is university career development and job recruitment.

Students could be given some sort of credential for involvement in their studies and other activities. Alike to Uber, the credential system verifies a student’s skills and provides an incentive to be more active and involved on campus. Student who actively participate in activities will be able to amass more credentials and be seen as a better candidate in the eyes of the employer.

Students need a way to prove their competence and employers need a way to assure the quality of their potential recruit. While the resume shows experiences, it does not provide the quality assurance of learning that employers look for. Credentials for experiences had outside of the classroom proves activity and gives employers an idea of what kind of an employee the future recruit may be.

With a credentialing system for career development and placement, students will find it more like to access their dream job and employers can find and well prepared and driven students ready to tackle their future jobs.

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