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University of Pittsburgh LLC Case Study

University of Pittsburgh LLC Case Study


Being a large school with a high volume of students, promoting and encouraging student activity outside of the classroom can be a difficult task. Noticing the problem at hand, the University of Pittsburgh decided on a new solution. The University of Pittsburgh found success in increasing student engagement and student retention with the addition of Living and Learning Communities for undergraduate students.


Living and Learning Communities group students with similar interests or majors in a dorm to promote networking, collaboration, and student engagement. These Living and Learning Communities can be major-specific or involve an interest beyond the classroom that spans between schools. For example, the Business or Engineering Living and Learning Communities contain only students within the School of Business Administration and the School of Engineering while the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community may include students of all majors enrolled within different schools.

Each Living and Learning Community organizes and runs programs for students to participate in. These communities allow students to explore a field of their choosing and become fully immersed within it. Students are given hands-on experiences and work closely with experts and staff within the field of their interest.


Within the Business Living and Learning Community, freshmen students that were on Suitable were found to be nearly 4x more engaged outside of the classroom when compared to other freshmen students living in a non living and learning community dorm.

In addition, the University of Pittsburgh found the following results across their living and learning communities:

  • Increased student retention rate for LLC students
    • 95.64 % retention rate for LLC student members
    • 92.04 % retention within non LLC members
  • Increased average GPA for LLC students
    • 3.279 average GPA for LLC students
    • 3.022 average GPA for non LLC students


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