Suitable App

Annnouncing the Suitable Mobile App

The sleek design is easily navigable. Whether students are on the go or away from their computer, they can now access the Suitable leaderboard and check into activities and events from their mobile device.

It is available on the Apple Store for IOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices.

We’ve added a new QR code scanner function within the app to help log one’s attendance. Students will simply tap the app, point their cameras at the QR code and Suitable will do the rest. Points will be added to their account and their attendance at the event will be tracked.

Soon to come, the Suitable platform will have an activity feed. With this function, students will be able to see what other students are doing and compare their profiles to their own. Now they can have a live view of how their friends and peers are gaining new experiences and building their co-curricular transcript.

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