Team Suitable’s Favorite Features for Students

After months of hard work and anticipation we’re preparing to launch our new product and we’re thrilled to share our favorite features on Suitable with you! As our team created Suitable we reflected on our college careers and designed tools that we knew would have been beneficial to us as undergraduate students. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and as post-grads it was a lot easier to understand what would have helped our professional development as undergrads. We promise you’re going to thank yourself for using Suitable as you begin applying for internships and entry-level jobs, because you’ll have all of the information about your extracurricular development during your college career stored in one place making it easier to market your professional value.


Suitable_Wireframe_Student_Profile_08232015Our Scorecard allows you to keep track of your professional development more closely than you can on a resume. By the time our team reached senior year we each realized that there were so many meaningful experiences over the course of our college careers that we hadn’t kept track of and couldn’t remember. Our experience wasn’t unique. Most of our friends and classmates struggled with the same issue. There was no realistic way for us to keep track of this information, because there were only so many experiences that we could document on a one-page resume. We wanted a platform to keep track of all of these activities, projects, tasks, and events that built our professional development, which simply did not exist, until now. Our Scorecard allows you to keep track of your outside the classroom activities in a clean and easy to navigate profile.


The Leaderboard showcases the top 20 ranked students on your school’s campus. We love a little friendly competition, but that isn’t exactly why we created the Leaderboard. As we were students there were always older students whose internships and entry-level jobs we envied. Unfortunately, there was never an easy way to figure out how they got those jobs without having an in-depth conversation about all of their extracurricular activities. With our Leaderboard you can see what leaders on campus are doing outside the classroom to get their internships and entry-level jobs.


E-portfolios have existed for sometime, but there is nothing that differentiated one from another. With our Portfolio we’re showing you exactly how each piece of collateral relates to your professional development through our 10 core competencies. As you go through your curriculum certain tasks will require portfolio submissions, which acts not only as validation, but helps you understand how your projects have helped you become more proficient in each of the competencies.



With our latest release we have plenty of other new features that we’re excited for our students of Suitable to start using, including a completely redesigned UI, QR code scanning for validation, an upcoming activities feed, incentives, digital badges and trophies, and more! Without students of Suitable our vision wouldn’t be a reality, so we welcome students to contact us at with feedback and suggestions for our product.

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