Student Satisfaction

With the start of a new academic year upon us new students are engaged and surrounded by the buzz of on campus events, but as the excitement of the new year wanes, academic institutions struggle to find ways to keep students satisfied. Student satisfaction interests universities and colleges, because they want to improve the learning environment for students, meet the expectations of the legislative bodies which fund them, and demonstrate the effectiveness of their academic and extracurricular programs. Studies have also shown that student satisfaction is linked significantly to retention rates and is monumentally important for the success of colleges and universities.


Transitioning into a college environment can be extremely difficult for students, especially if they don’t feel that they are valued by their school. When students feel as if they aren’t making an impact or they aren’t being recognized for their effort, they become disengaged from their school. With Suitable, administration can see what types of activities students are completing and which areas of extra curricular activity are lacking on their campus. With this knowledge administration can market activities to students based on their involvement and tailor out of classroom curriculum to their students. Student advisors are encouraged to track their students’ development on Suitable and promote their students’ involvement.  Suitable also allows students to understand how their out of classroom activity is impacting their future, because of the internship and job opportunities associated to the outside of classroom activities.


We believe Suitable will continue to be a factor in helping solve the issue of student satisfaction. If you’d like more information, email us at

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