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Students often enter college with no idea what career they want to pursue, which is perfectly normal because after all college is a time to explore your options and expand your horizons. Unfortunately, many students also leave college with no idea what career they want to pursue, but Jeffrey Selingo, author of College Unbound: The Future of Higher Education and What It Means for Students, believes that personalized learning is the key to solving this issue.

Personalized learning is the tailoring of courses to fit the individual’s learning style, recently adopted by schools like Arizona State University. Every student learns best through different techniques and at different paces, so all students should not all be taught in one generic manner. With in class personalized learning platforms, like Knewton, teachers can track students’ progress and gauge whether or not a student is on track based on more than just a letter grade. Based on this data teachers can understand which concepts students are grasping or which areas need more practice overall.

This practice also uses data gathered from past students to inform current students what courses or majors may benefit them most. Just as Netflix or Amazon suggests movies or products that people with similar taste have chosen, Degree Compass suggests courses and majors based on the paths of like-minded students with successful post graduation outcomes. Although academic advisors can provide high level advice to students, their knowledge of courses and majors is limited to a certain extent, unlike a Degree Compass or similar software.

Personalized learning in the classroom is an issue that is being resolved, although not yet universally adopted, by programs like Degree Compass and Knewton, but the issue of personalized learning outside of the classroom remained unsolved until Suitable. With our activity recommendation feature students can see what kind of activities classmates with similar interests and goals are choosing. Collected data also allows advisors to guide students in the right direction by analyzing career goals and completed activities. Our data-driven platform lets student explore career options and advises activities based on students’ interests, giving the students a more robust and personalized campus experience.

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