Data Driven Assurance of Learning

In order to remain an accredited business school, colleges and universities have to prove their Assurance of Learning outcomes. This process was created to ensure that students who completed their education at an accredited institution had a broad range of knowledge and skills for a career in business. Schools must provide learning goals or objectives and document their students progress towards these goals, so potential students, trustees, supporters, and accreditors know that the school is meeting its goal. It is a painstaking process for colleges and universities to file for accreditation, because a lot of these goals and objectives are met through out of the classroom work and there was no software to track all student data outside the classroom, before Suitable.

Our platform allows business schools to keep track of students’ professional development outside of the classroom, providing them with all of the data they need to file for accreditation and prove student outcomes. Within our platform we have ten core business competencies that students work towards to gain proficiency. Not only does the data collected on our platform helps administration determine what kind of activities are driving student outcomes, but it allows the university to provide resources to their students.

Instead of providing students with a list of all of the activities on campus and expecting them to figure out what will help their professional development most, Suitable is structured in five different levels to help guide students through their career path in a logical order. As students are progressing through the levels by completing activities, administration can see exactly what their students are doing outside of the classroom and how they are progressing toward the goal of gaining proficiency. By looking at our in-depth analytics dashboard, administration can easily determine which skill areas students are thriving in and which skill areas need more development.

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