A Year with Pitt Business

The University of Pittsburgh 2014-2015 academic year has come to a close and we are ecstatic with the performance of the Pitt Business freshmen. We were confident that we would see great results from our first Suitable users, but our students’ performance completely exceeded our expectations. The Pitt Business students have worked hard since September to complete important tasks and participate in on campus activities in hopes of seeing their faces plastered on the leaderboards displayed throughout campus and on all Pitt Business social media.

1801163_10152810117444491_5678406751295591370_oOver 95% of the Pitt Business freshman class participated on our platform during this academic year, none of which was mandatory. The students are eager to work towards goals that will help them get better jobs and higher salaries—all they needed was the framework that Suitable provides. The 300 participating students completed a staggering 6,450 activities since they joined Suitable at the beginning of the academic year. Our users completed more on campus activities than the rest of the school combined, proving that Suitable increases student engagement. Our 300 Suitable participants are more engaged than any other group on campus!

Pitt Business frequently recognizes the students who are most engaged over the course of the school year. Not only did students have the chance to have their profile publicly displayed throughout Pitt’s campus, but the leaders also won prizes, like gift cards to local restaurants, for their accomplishments. While not many things motivate college students quite like free food, we believe that employers providing incentives might also do the trick, so we’ve added a few features for the students. In the Fall Semester our corporate partners will be able to add incentives and milestones onto our platform. They can offer anything from lunch with their campus recruiter to internship opportunities to candidates who qualify. Corporate partners also have the chance to sponsor their own levels with tasks and activities for students to complete and attend, which provides more transparency for students while promoting their company.

The Pitt Business freshmen impressed us with their engagement on the platform, helped us prove that Suitable drives up engagement rates for outside of the classroom curriculum, and paved the way for the future of our platform. We couldn’t have asked for a better class to work with during our first academic year and we’re thrilled to expand to all Pitt Business students for the 2015-2016 academic year!


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