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Entry Level Job Search

When I applied to intern at Suitable the first thing I thought was I wish Suitable existed when I started college. I enjoy and do well in my classes at the University of Pittsburgh, but that isn’t enough to bag a good job after college. I didn’t start worrying about looking for a job until I realized I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do or what I was even qualified to do. Studying communication and German did not lead me to a clear-cut solution to my job search like other majors, so like any other responsible student I started applying to jobs blindly. If Suitable had existed when I was a freshman, finding an entry-level job after graduation would be much easier. I know, because I only have three weeks until I graduate from Pitt, that looking for an entry-level job is a difficult and terrifying task.

One point of frustration with the entry level job search is the difficulty in separating myself with classmates. I know my peers and I have worked hard inside and outside of the classroom in order to beef up our resumes, but since we all have to package ourselves into a one page resume or gpa, it is hard to appear much different than the next student.  Another part of applying to jobs I find most frustrating is the lack of communications from the employers after submitting a resume. It is difficult to keep faith in a system that only allows one direction of contact: employers to students. Suitable fixes this problem for college students while also making the process much more effective for employers who hire college students.

In the end, employers have the most to gain. They now have a channel in which to list and provide job training activity they want their future entry-level hires to finish while also providing professional milestones for internships and full time positions along the way. With this system students will know the path they need to follow, and employers will be able to more easily find and attract better fitting talent.

I believe in Suitable and I know that students who use the platform will have a much easier time finding not only a job, but a job they love.


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